Becoming Sovereign Quantum Retreat Center

Evolving and Regenerating Ourselves and Our World based in Human Design & Feminine Sovereignty

Welcome Sovereign Evolutionaries!

Greetings and Welcome,

I'm your host, Maggie Ostara, and I can't wait to meet you inside our virtual retreat center! I invite you to join us as we take hands and walk shoulder to shoulder along our evolutionary path.

We gather to explore and practice living our Human Design (traditional and Quantum) both to understand ourselves better and also to understand and appreciate, accept, and honor each other and our unique gifts, talents, skills and life experience. 

Over time, we'll dive into the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty, Maggie's signature body of work designed to enable you -- and all of us! -- to build our inner power and effectively, with our hearts open, engage with the world and each other in new ways.

In this time of tremendous and uncertain change, we each and all are being called to shed the limitations of the past, heal our inner wounds, break free of confining culture programming, build our strengths and capacities to the fullest, and foster our true radiance and power. 

We're stepping out of out-dated the power over / disempowered paradigms that have organized our perceptions, attitudes, and actions in the past. We're evolving the out-dated sovereignty of royalty and individualism into new forms we receive and develop with our intuition and inner guidance. We're committed to developing our power within -- our personal sovereignty -- and exploring sharing, rotating, and co-creating power between and among us.

Together we're ushering in a new era that's equitable, creative, regenerative, collaborative, creative, and spirit-led and founded on remembering our interconnectedness and interdependence.   

Within you'll discover resources to support you to awaken 

and rise into more empowered, creative, 

and joyful ways of being. 

Omg I absolutely love the way you structure your videos. Every word you speak is informative and necessary and so appeasing.

You'll also find others with whom to share the challenges and

 triumphs of this evolutionary journey.

You'll participate in LIVE Events and Workshops designed to 

  • get in touch with your core energies (your definition in Human Design), your innate strengths, intuition and inner guidance.
  • step into a deep sense of purpose, know that you truly matter, and make the contribution and impact only you can make.
  • calm and energize your nervous system, build your stamina and inner strength, and cultivate a strong and stable energy field that buoys and protects you.
  • create greater ease and fulfillment, and upgrade your quality of life through discovering and exploring your soul curriculum based in Human Design.
  • identify and release out-dated patterns and conditioning that hold you back from realizing your potential and keeping you much smaller than you actually are.
  • feel fully engaged with life, deeply satisfied, on purpose, energized and alive, all with greater ease, joy, and fun!

Plus you'll be able to learn at your leisure from complimentary courses available to community members. We already have an introductory course in Human Design loaded for you to begin with!

If you choose it, you'll also select from paid offerings that go deeper into specific topics that intrigue you.  

About Your Host, Maggie Ostara

Maggie Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job at as the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not meant to work for anyone else. (Now she knows that’s part of her Human Design.)

She’s a multiply published and Amazon best-selling author, an arousing speaker, beloved teacher, and highly intuitive and skilled mentor-coach. 

She’s the organizer and host of Women Evolving Our World Conference (and upcoming podcast), the creator of the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty and the six Feminine Sovereign Archetypes, and author of the forthcoming book: Becoming Sovereign: Regenerating Ourselves, Regenerating Our World.

Maggie has a thriving YouTube channel, teaches online courses, works 1:1 with clients and in groups, provides business consulting, relationship support, and particularly loves guiding Change-Agents & Evolutionaries to develop their Feminine Sovereignty and make the contribution and impact they came here to make with deep satisfaction and greater ease.

She holds certifications as a Human Design and Quantum Human Design Specialist, Level 4; a Radiant Body Yoga teacher; a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner; and has extensively studied and practiced Conscious Dance, Soul Motion, Continuum Movement, Body Tales, and Contact Improvisation.

Maggie says: “Now is the time for those of who’ve been clearing our out-dated belief systems and building our skills and wisdom in the energetic and emotional realms to step forward and take our place among the leaders of today. For too many years, those who claim leadership in our world have valued profit and personal gain over the well-being of the majority of the human world, not to mean all the other beings with whom we share this planet. We are transforming and upgrading what it means to be a leader in alignment with the More Life principle: more life to all and less to none. I invite you to take the next step forward -- whether that’s simply in your own life, or in your family, community, neighborhood or in your work in the world – shining out your values, your radiance, your compassion and your vision of the world you want to live in. Together we truly can make a difference!”

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